Repair and Service Center

Accumulators, Inc. offers a complete Repair and Service Center, where Customers can send bladder accumulators to our Repair Facility. Services include inspection, test, repair and reconditioning of any Accumulators, Inc. product, as well as the products of many other bladder accumulator manufacturers.

We offer three levels of service: Express Repair, Standard Repair and Full Service Repair

Two ways to use the service:

  1. Bring the unit to any of our Authorized Distributors nationwide. They'll handle it from there.
  2. Send the unit, freight prepaid, directly to the factory along with your instructions and credit card number. We'll take care of everything.

Repair and Service Procedures (PDF)

Detailed information on repairs and services offered, packaging and shipping instructions.

Repair and Service Prices (PDF)

Listing of the prices for the most requested repairs and services.

Repair and Service Order Form (PDF)

Give us your instructions on how to repair your accumulators.

phone: 713-465-0202 - fax: 713-468-1618 - email:

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