About Accumulators, Inc.

About Accumulators, Inc.

Incorporated in Texas we are an independently owned and operated design, manufacturing and sales company specializing in hydro-pneumatic accumulators. As the plaque at the entrance to our headquarters states:  We believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion, quality in all things.

We know you want it now!

Regardless of the way you contact us, we’ll reply quickly.  We pride ourselves in great customer service, which means quick quotes and quick delivery.  With the largest in-stock inventory in the industry, we can respond to your urgent product needs.  These are not just promises, but the way we’ve built a thriving business for over 30 years.

Made in the USA

We are an American company with products designed, assembled, and tested in the USA.  Our factory in Houston is approved by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to affix the “U” and “R” stamps and is authorized to register approved vessels with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Our products are approved for use by numerous federal agencies including the Department of Defense and the US Coast Guard.


Our co-founders Murry Allewitz and Jeffry Schneider opened the doors for business in 1987. Allewitz served our country honorably as a member of the US Naval Air Corps during World War II, and after the war quickly became a major figure in the development of the accumulator business. As President of the old Greer Hydraulics company, he was widely known as “Mr. Accumulator.” Allewitz retired from Accumulators, Inc. in 1992.

Jeffry Schneider had been President of Oil Air Industries for several years and brought with him an extensive engineering and management background. He grew Accumulators, Inc. with product innovation – as evidenced by his many US and foreign patents, by establishing a large distribution network, and by building an outstanding team in engineering, manufacturing, and sales.  As the current CEO of Accumulators, Inc., he is committed to continued growth.

Scott Schneider is a graduate of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, and is our current President and COO. He joined us in 2006, having previously worked for several years as Finance and Operations Manager at McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply. Under Scott’s leadership, our management systems, workplace operations, IT systems, and website have become state of the art, allowing a much quicker response to customer needs. He has led the drive to expand our product line while keeping a focus on our core business. Scott demands that our customer service be the very best in the industry.

Richard T. Kendall joined us in 1992 and is Executive Vice President and a member of our senior management team. His more than 50 years in the accumulator business as both a distributor and manufacturer makes him one of the most experienced applications professionals in the industry. He is known affectionately as the “Bladder Man.”


We began modestly in 1987 in a 4,000-sf. warehouse, eventually expanding into several surrounding buildings as sales and staff grew. In 2001 we moved into a larger purpose-built facility. We surprised everyone, including ourselves, as our business continued to grow rapidly and again we needed more room, and again we expanded into surrounding buildings. Still, it wasn’t enough.

In 2016 we opened our 11-acre campus in West Houston. Learning from the past, we incorporated advanced logistics and assembly equipment in our factory and greatly expanded testing and training capabilities. Additionally, we included best practice designs for quality, safety, and energy conservation. Built with the most current and future technology in mind, we are ready for whatever is next!


We are an ISO-9001 certified company with an extensive quality system monitored and approved by various local, state, national, and international agencies. In addition to our ASME authorizations, we have design approvals, authority reviews, and testing verifications by such agencies as DNV, ABS, Lloyds, NR-13, AS 1210, and the CE mark. Our system is open to review by qualified third parties upon request.

The Difference

Unlike our competitors, owned by foreign interests or conglomerate corporations in varied industries, we just do accumulators.  We know the product better, have sold it longer, and know the customers better than anyone else. We respond quickly, maintain a large inventory, and work hard to solve our customer’s needs. Ask any of our customers…we are the best. We are Accumulators, Inc.