Other Accessories – Piston Accumulators

Our accumulator safety block is a multi-functional valve placed between the hydraulic accumulator and the operating system.

The safety block allows for isolation of the accumulator for maintenance or system testing, and will function as an emergency shut-off device or pressure relief valve to protect the hydraulic system from over-pressurization or system failure.

Our accumulator safety blocks incorporate the following components:

  • 90-degree full-orifice ball valve to isolate the accumulator from the system
  • Manual adjustable safety relief valve
  • Manually-operated bleed valve; bleeds down accumulator safely
  • Optional female port for pressure gauge options
  • Rated to 5800 PSI
  • Manual release handle standard

MODEL 1 | ASB-850

Model one is designed for use with our 1 quart and 1 gallon bladder accumulators equipped with female SAE fluid ports. Safety block outlet port is available in SAE -8, -12 and -20 sizes.

MODEL 2 | ASB-800

This model is designed for our 2.5 through 15 gallon accumulators. Best suited for use with SAE split flange connections for ease of installation and maintenance. The SAE split flanges are rated for code 61 or code 62 series.
Optional solenoid-operated dump valve
Optional lock-out plates to avoid unauthorized access to open or close valve

Our nitrogen gas boosters are designed to boost directly from high pressure storage cylinders to outlet pressures of up to 10000 psi. The unit ensures maximum outlet pressure fills even if the supply storage pressure drops as low as 500 psi.

The booster operates from a low-pressure, conventional compressed air source or “bootstraps,” directly from the high-pressure nitrogen supply. In the shop-air drive mode, non-contaminated outlet gas is assured through complete dual-vented separation from the drive section.

The high-pressure section of the booster is cooled by the drive exhaust gas and requires no lubrication. Valves and gauges are SS line-mounted to the booster. All items are mounted on a painted, aluminum tubular frame with carry handles.


  • Single acting double drive gas booster configuration.
  • Automatic control to stop/restart the booster when the outlet pressure exceeds set point; pre-selected pressure up to 6000 psi (adjustable, depending on model).
  • Manual start and stop
  • High pressure air controls (HP regulator, relief valve, inlet & regulated outlet gauges and on/off valve)
  • Adjustable safety relief valve
  • Gas inlet and outlet gauges


  • Dimensions: 30”L x 12”D x 12”H
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Maximum outlet pressure: 6000, 7500, or 10000 psi

For assistance determining the appropriate accumulator size for your application, please contact us.