Racks And Manifolds

For assistance in specifying the proper manifold for your application, please contact us.

When an application requires more auxiliary fluid volume than can be handled by a single accumulator, manifolds and bottle racks are often an efficient solution. Several accumulators can be mounted together in a parallel system that provides the necessary volume for BOP closing systems, emergency power, and other fluid storage applications.

Additionally, multiple-accumulator racks have the advantage of redundancy over a single large accumulator; if a very large accumulator goes offline, it may be weeks or months until it can be repaired or replaced. With a multiple-accumulator manifold, if one accumulator goes offline, the system can still operate near complete capacity.

Accumulators, Inc. can provide manifolds and racks to handle any number of accumulators, in any configuration desired. Additionally, our units are designed with ease of installation and repair in mind; typically arranged on an oilfield skid with easy-access lifting eyes and fork lift slots.