On-Site Service And Repair:

Accumulators, Inc. offers on-site service and repair for a majority of our accumulators and other products.  Services range from checking nitrogen gas precharge on installed accumulators to a full rebuild and inspection.  We can often inspect and repair our competitors’ accumulators as well.

On-Site Service Flyer (.pdf)

Factory Repairs:

We can fully refurbish our accumulators and many of our competitors’ accumulators at our factory in Houston, TX.  Typical repairs include replacement of bladder and seals, new interior and exterior coatings on the accumulator shell, replacement/refurbishment of fluid-end components, and inspection and retesting services.  We can also perform accumulator recertification to your specified requirements.

Flushing Services:

We can flush new or previously in-service accumulators to your stringent cleanliness specifications. Full certification reports are available.

Coatings & Platings:

We offer a wide variety of internal and external coatings to meet virtually any customer specification.  We specialize in coatings for offshore corrosion protection and applications that require high-water-based fluids.  Click here for more information on coatings.

Nitrogen Gas Precharging:

We can precharge accumulators with nitrogen at our factory prior to shipment, up to 70% of the maximum rated working pressure of the accumulator.  When possible, we recommend that your accumulator pressure is checked and adjusted prior to installation.  Accumulators shipped with a precharge require special freight and handling, and will come with all necessary HAZMAT documentation.

Accumulator Training Programs:

Accumulators, Inc. offers hands-on training to provide our customers with valuable knowledge about the installation, care, and maintenance of accumulators and accessories.  Most of our courses are conducted at our factory in Houston, Texas, but we also offer on-site training and webinars that can accomplish the same goals.  Our most requested training courses include:

  • Basic Accumulator Training
  • Accumulator Application Training
  • Accumulator Sizing Training
  • Accumulator Repair, Maintenance, Training, and Troubleshooting

We also offer a corporate overview seminar, Intro to Accumulators, Inc., designed to introduce new customers and distributors to our company.

Customized Webinars:

In addition to hands-on training, we offer webinars on many popular subjects and products, providing customers with an easily-accessible platform to gain useful knowledge about their accumulators and accumulator products. We can also host a webinar tailored per customer request, offering a unique and individually dedicated session where specific topics can be explored and discussed. This is a good opportunity to train sales representatives in multiple branch/field locations without the cost of centralized training. To schedule a training course or webinar, please contact our sales department or send an email to