Accumulator Size Calculator

Use our sizing calculator to help you determine an appropriate accumulator size and precharge for your application.

Welcome to our Accumulator Sizing Calculator. Answer the questions that follow and we will help you determine which accumulator is appropriate for your application and/or what the proper precharge should be. Please note, our recommendation is a guideline only. Check with your engineering department or a qualified fluid power applications specialist to determine whether the recommended accumulator and precharge meets your requirements and specifications.

I understand and agree that Accumulators, Inc. is not responsible for ensuring that the correct accumulator and precharge is used for my application. Doing so is fully the responsibility of my organization and I understand that any recommendation made by Accumulators, Inc. is done so only as a general guideline. I will not hold Accumulators, Inc. responsible for any misuse, misunderstanding, or safety issues that result from the use of the Accumulator Sizing Calculator.

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